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The Rita and Navin Dimond Hotel Management Program

The Rita and Navin Dimond Hotel Management Program prepares students for operations and management positions in various segments of the hotel, motel, lodging and resort industries. Named for the founders and owners of Stonebridge Companies, one of the nation’s leading development and hospitality management companies, the Rita and Navin Dimond Hotel Management Program reflects the weight of the Dimonds’ esteemed reputation through a shared commitment to excellence and a passion for fostering future hospitality leaders.

All hospitality majors are eligible to become one of 10 participants in the prestigious Dimond Fellows Program.


To be awarded a degree a student must complete the following:

  • All departmental requirements as outlined below
  • Minimum of 34 credit hours of General Studies course requirements to include 3 credit hours of the Global Diversity General Studies requirements
  • 0 – 3 credit hours to satisfy the Multicultural Graduation requirement (may be taken in General Studies)
  • 60 credit hours of Major requirements
  • 23 – 26 hours of Electives or Minor plus Electives to equal 120 hours

Departmental Requirements:

  • Declare the Hotel Management Major
  • Present verification of 600 clock hours of on-the-job experience in the HTL major prior to graduation. These hours may be secured through paid job experience, verified volunteer experience, cooperative education, internships or a combination of the four.
  • Present a valid Adult CPR and First Aid certification prior to graduation
  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.5

A grade of “C” or getter is required for required courses in this major to count toward the Bachelor’s degree. Students should note that programs throughout the University may have different minimum passing grade requirements.

General Studies Courses (34 minimum credits)

Written Communication (minimum 6 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Written Communication courses

Oral Communication (minimum 3 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Oral Communication course

Quantitative Literacy (minimum 3 semester hours)
-MTH 1210 – Introduction to Statistics (4 credits)

Arts & Humanities (minimum 6 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Arts & Humanities courses

Historical (minimum 3 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Historical course

Natural & Physical Sciences (minimum 6 semester hours)
-Select any approved General Studies Natural & Physical Sciences courses

Social & Behavioral Sciences I (minimum 3 semester hours)
-ECO 2010 – Principles of Macroeconomics (3 credits)

Social & Behavioral Sciences II (minimum 3 semester hours)
-ECO 2020 – Principles of Microeconomics (3 credits)

Global Diversity General Studies Requirement (minimum 3 semester hours)
-Select any course from General Studies approved list that is designated as a Global Diversity Course

Multicultural Graduation Requirement (0 – 3 credits)
-Select any course from Multicultural approved list (may be completed within General Studies courses)

Required Major Courses (60 credits):

  • ACC 1010 Fundamentals of Accounting 3 credits
  • BVG 2015 Beverage Fundamentals 3 credits
  • EVT 2010 Event Industry 3 credits
  • HTE 1040 Hospitality, Tourism & Event Fundamentals* 3 credits
  • HTE 3250 Managerial Accounting for Hospitality 3 credits
  • HTE 3550 Human Resources for Hospitality 3 credits
  • HTE 3570 Marketing for Hospitality 3 credits
  • HTE 3580 Legal Aspects of Hospitality 3 credits
  • HTE 4730 Hospitality Negotiations & Sales 3 credits
  • HTE 4750 Hospitality Leadership 3 credits
  • HTE 4800 Hospitality Strategic Management 3 credits
  • HTL 1010 Hotel Industry Fundamentals** 3 credits
  • HTL 2512 Hotel Front Office 3 credits
  • HTL 3522 Hotel Housekeeping 3 credits
  • HTL 3652 Hotel Property Management 3 credits
  • HTL 4100 Revenue Management 3 credits
  • RST 1550 Food Fundamentals 3 credits
  • RST 3600 Cost Controls for Food & Beverage 3 credits
  • TTM 3000 Sustainable Tourism 3 credits

*course must be taken within first 30 credit hours of study
**course must be taken within first 12 credit hours of entering HTL program

Senior Experience

  • HTL 4500 Applied Hotel Management 3 credits

General Studies 34 hours minimum

Multicultural Requirement 0 – 3 hours (may be completed within General Studies courses)
Required for Major 60 hours
Minor or Electives 23 – 26 hours

Total Credits for Graduation: 120 hours

Download the course descriptions.

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