Reimagining Leadership in Today's Hospitality Industry

Frank Day
Entrepreneur Frank Day talks with fellow guests during a student-prepared luncheon at the MSU Denver School of Hospitality. Photo by Alyson McClaran.

Whether in the kitchen or a hotel, leaders need to think on their feet. Even more so, they need to build a team that does the same.

Now, a generous gift by Gina and Frank Day to Metropolitan State University of Denver is infusing MSU Denver’s School of Hospitality with Day’s brand of inclusive leadership that has proved invaluable to the launch of national hospitality success stories such as Rock Bottom Brewery and Old Chicago Pizza and Taproom.

The quest for leadership is dynamic – it changes every day, and there are no two exact same situations. You have to listen and adjust.” – Frank Day

The Gina and Frank Day Leadership Academy offers opportunities for industry professionals to take the next step to advance their careers. The Academy:

  • Creates a new Hospitality Industry Leadership major.
  • Establishes a structured mentoring program, involving alumni and hospitality industry professionals.
  • Creates a formalized internship program.
  • Institutes a retreat-based leadership program for industry professionals and students.
  • Offers tailored hospitality leadership training to companies interested in improving the skills of their new hire associates, from top leaders to new hires.

Connect with us today to secure your spot as a hospitality leader of tomorrow.

The way to achieve your goal is to make it the goal of others. Leadership is the key to success.” – Frank Day


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