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Transfer Students


In accordance with the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) policy that Colorado public institutions facilitate the intra-state transfer of students, Metropolitan State University of Denver and The Art Institute of Colorado (AI) enter into this articulation agreement to meet transfer goals and enhance mutual cooperation. The Art Institute of Colorado is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award the Associate of Applied Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees. AI is also accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges of Technology (ACCSCT). Both ACICS and ACCSCT are listed as nationally recognized accrediting agencies by the U.S. Department of Education. The Art Institute of Colorado’s programs are authorized under The Degree Authorization Act (Title 23, Article 2, Section 101 ET SEQ., C.R.S.) by the Colorado Department on Higher Education, Commission on Higher Education; and the school is a member of the Colorado Private School Association, Colorado Art Education Association, and the National Art Education Association.

This agreement lists credits that will transfer from The Art Institute of Colorado to Metropolitan State University of Denver. The AI student may transfer any or all of the courses included in this agreement, provided that each course is completed with a minimum grade of “C.” Coursework may include both general studies requirements and/or major requirements.

This agreement begins June 1, 2003 [amended July 1, 2004].


Each student must complete the general studies requirements of Metropolitan State University of Denver, as specific in the MSU Denver catalog under which the student plans to graduate and which is in effect while the student is enrolled at MSU Denver. Students may take any or all of the following AI Colorado courses which will apply to MSU Denver’s general study requirements. (A quarter-hour credit transfers as two/thirds of a semester-hour credit.)

Composition (need 6 credits)

Art Institute
MSU Denver
GS1403-4 English Composition I ENG 1010-2.67 Freshman Composition: The essay
GS3407-4 English Composition II ENG 1020-2.67 Freshman Composition: Analysis, Research, & Documentation

Mathematics (need 3 credits)

Art Institute
MSU Denver
GS3408-4 Fundamentals of Statistics MTH 1210-2.67 Introduction to Statistics

Communications (need 3 credits)

Art Institute
MSU Denver
GS2406-4 Speech SPE 1010-2.67 Public Speaking
GR3373-3 Group Dynamics SPE 8000-2.00  
GS4314-3 Spanish II SPA 1020-2.00 Elementary Spanish II

History (need 3 credits)

Art Institute
MSU Denver
GS1405-4 Western Civilization to 1600 HIS 8000-2.67  
GS3411-4 Western Civilization since 1600 HIS 8000-2.67  

None available Arts and Letters (need 6 credits)

Art Institute
MSU Denver
None available      

Social Sciences (need 6 credits)

Art Institute
MSU Denver
GS2405-4 Sociology SOC 8000-2.67  
GS4415-4 Macroeconomics ECO 2010-2.67 Principles of Economics-Macro
GS4412-4 Psychology PSY 1001-2.67 Introductory Psychology

Natural Science (need 6 credits)

Art Institute
MSU Denver
CULO4320-3 Nutrition NUT 2040-2.00 Introduction to Nutrition
GS4410-4 Environmental Science ENV 8000-2.67 Environmental Science


Art Institute
MSU Denver
BCU11340-3 Leadership in Foodservice Industry HTE 1030-3 Introduction to Hospitality, Tourism and Events


Customer Service    
CUL06327-3 Dining Room Operations (2-credits towards free electives) 2    


Art Institute
MSU Denver
CUL01304-3 Sanitation & Safety HTE 1603-3 Food Preparation and Sanitation
CUL01301-3 Application & Use of Culinary Equipment HTE 2613-3 Food Production and Service I
CUL 01303-3 Introduction to Cooking 2    
CUL01302-3 Basic Culinary Skills (2-credits towards free electives) 2    
CUL06325-3 A la Carte Cooking HTE 3623-3 Food Production and Service II
CUL 04313-3 Characuterie (2-credits towards free electives) 2    
CUL05323 Nutritional & Health Related Cooking HTE 3643-3 Healthy Cooking
CUL05349-3 Cost Controls HTE 3603-3 Labor and Production Controle
BCU10336-3 Oenology and Viticulture HTE 3613-3 Wine Fundamentals
CUL06350-3 Purchasing HTE 1533-3 Food Selection and Identification



Art Institute
MSU Denver
CUL03311-3 Introduction to Baking HTE 8000-2
CUL03312-3 Introduction to Pastry HTE 8000-2
CUL04315-3 Hors d’oeuvres and Appetizers HTE 8000-2
CUL04316-3 Pantry HTE 8000-2
BCU 08328-3 Advanced Beverage Management HTE 8000-2
CUL05324-3 Beverage Identification & Management HTE 8000-2
BCU09333-3 Events Management HTE 8000-2
CUL07322-3 Menu Management HTE 8000-2
CUL02305-3 American Regional Cooking-Central HTE 8000-2
CUL07319-3 Classical/International/Mediterranean Cuisine HTE 8000-2
CUL07351-3 Classical/International/Mediterranean Service HTE 8000-2
CUL03348-3 Career Development/Computer Applications HTE 8000-2
CUL07328-3 Cooking/Dining Room Externship HTE 8000-2
CUL05321-3 Current Cuisines HTE 8000-2
BCU10335-3 Foodservice for the Retirement Community HTE 8000-2
BCU13345-3 Foodservice Management Applications HTE 8000-3
BCU13346-3 Management Externship HTE 8000-2
BCU11341-3 Managing Computer Tools HTE 8000-2
BCU08331-3 Quick Service Restaurant Operations HTE 8000-2

Between Metropolitan State University of Denver Hospitality, Tourism and Events
And The Hospitality Business Alliance Colorado ProStart Hospitality Program

In accordance with the Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE) policy that Colorado public institutions facilitate the transfer of students, Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Hospitality Business Alliance (HBA) enter into this articulation agreement to meet transfer goals and enhance mutual cooperation. This agreement begins the fall semester 1999 [amended fall 2004].

MSU Denver agrees to accept a block of six (6) hours of coursework and 400 hours of work experience from high school students who have successfully completed the HBA-Colorado ProStart courses of study, provided the student:

  1. Is advised by both the secondary school counselor and an MSU Denver, Hospitality, Tourism and Events advisor;
  2. Pursues a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Tourism and Events at MSU Denver (if the student changes his/her major, the block of HBA-Colorado ProStart courses will not be applicable at MSCD);
  3. Matriculates at MSU Denver within twenty-four (24) months of high school graduation.

Under this agreement students may be granted college credit through the Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management Department (HTE) of Metropolitan State University of Denver for the following courses:

ProStart Curriculum HTE Curriculum Credits

Intro to Hospitality Mgmt Intro to Hospitality, Tourism, & Events 3
Work Experience (400 hrs.) 1200 Clock Hours 400 hours

Additional Criteria to be met for Students to Apply for Articulated Transfer Credit:

  1. Students will supply MSU Denver an official high school transcript that indicates that they have successfully graduated from high school.
  2. Students who have completed the selected high school courses as listed in this agreement with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale have met the requirements as displayed in an official high school transcript will be granted college transfer credit.
  3. MSU Denver will provide guaranteed educational outcomes. Students will understand
    that if they are unable to make satisfactory progress in an advanced course in the area for which articulated transfer credit is awarded, they may, at the
    discretion of the HTE faculty, be required to complete a lower level course.
  4. Students understand that they must complete a minimum of nine credits of 100 level or higher courses with a grade of 2.25/4.00 or better at MSU Denver before articulated transfer credit is posted on their college transcripts.
  5. Students will provide MSU Denver with the HBA Certificate of Completion with appropriate signatures.
  6. The appropriate Pro Start high school is responsible for completing a Articulated Credit Certification for the courses listed in this agreement. This certification is to be forwarded to MSU Denver with appropriate signatures.
  7. Students must forward to MSU Denver the completed Student Work Experience Requirement Validation form obtain from the high school teacher to confirm that they have completed the 400 hours of workplace experience to include appropriate competencies.
  8. Upon receipt of the necessary proficiency forms, letters, and certifications, a representative of MSU Denver will meet with students to discuss course choices and educational guarantees and to complete an MSU Denver Application of Admission.
  9. All articulated transfer credits will be awarded after the student is accepted as a MSU Denver student. Tuition will be waived for the articulated transfer credits

Note: Listed below are the necessary documents required to supplement this

  1. Official High School Transcript
  2. ProStart Certificate of Completion
  3. Articulated Credit Certification form for the courses listed in the Agreement (attached)



TO: Metropolitan State University of Denver

FROM: _______________________________________________________________
(Hospitality Business Alliance Recognized ProStart Secondary Program)

RE: Articulated Credit Certification

This is to certify that the student, _____________________________, has successfully completed the following course(s) at the above-mentioned high school. Based upon the Articulation Agreement between Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Hospitality Business Alliance and through the signatures presented below, articulated transfer credit will be given to the above listed student.

Secondary Course(s) and Grades: College Course Articulated:
Number Course Title Grades Number Course

______ _________________ _____ ______ ___________________

______ _________________ _____ ______ ___________________

Other Comments:_______________________________________________________

The undersigned certifies that the student has met the criteria as defined in the Articulation Agreement signed by representatives from Metropolitan State University of Denver and the Hospitality Business Alliance.

_______________________________________________________ Date:________
ProStart Instructor

______________________________________ _____________ Date:________
Student Social Security

CC: Student
High School Principal
ProStart Instructor

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