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Honors Program Events

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Looking for a way to earn Honors credits that's quick, fun, and stress-free? You're in luck! The Honors Program and Student Honors Council put on several social events throughout the year designed to help students participate in the overall Honors community, relax from day-to-day stress, hang out with friends, and advance towards their goal of completing the Honors Program.

Many Honors Program events are also open to the general student population. Interested in the Honors Program, but not sure if it's right for you? Feel free to come by one of our events! You'll get a chance to meet the community and learn more about what our students are like over a board game or a cup of coffee. We hope to see you there!

   Upcoming Honors Events
Wednesday, February 26th7pm - 8pm Morning Buzz
Wednesday, February 26th10am - 11am 60 Minutes in Space
Thursday, February 27th5pm - 10pm Game Night
Thursday, March 12th10am - 11am Morning Buzz
Thursday, March 19th5pm - 10pm Game Night

For a full list of Honors-eligible events for the Spring 2020 semester, click here: Spring 2020 Important Dates


D-phi Events

Up Next: February 26th - Arc of Justice: Panel Discussions and Documentary Screening

The Honors Program is proud to partner with the Denver Project for Humanistic Inquiry. Attending D-phi events is a great way to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge, while also accruing Honors Credits. Click here to learn more about upcoming D-Phi events.
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