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Panel III: Creative Expression and Literacy: Practice and Accessibility for Our Youth


Literacy Practices Comparison: Bridging the Gap Between Literacy Practices Used in the Elementary Classroom and the Practices that Teachers Value

The need to teach elementary students literacy skills has become a high priority in education. This need has influenced schools to overemphasize literacy over the other content areas, and, in some cases, neglect science and social studies altogether. The International Literacy Association publishes an article called What’s Hot in Literacy every year. It is an analysis of an international survey of educators around the world that examines their opinions on popular literacy practices in education; literacy experts and researchers vote on which practices they think are hot, or the most talked about in education, while educators vote on which practices are important, or which practices they feel are vital to having a successful classroom in the 21st century.

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I hope that the gap closes over time and more educators and researchers begin to work together. After all, all the work both educators and researchers put in is all for the kids. The kids always come first. When teachers start realizing the importance of literacy and how it is used all day every day, books like Stellaluna will be used all day to teach all content areas. They will change lives and help students, educators, and researchers alike grow to be better in the end.

McKenna Beam

Elementary Education / Literacy

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