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Fall 2020 Honors Thesis Symposium

Overview of the Panels and Presenters


The Fall 2020 Honors Thesis Symposium was be held Friday, December 4th. As COVID-19 continued to keep students off campus, the Honors Thesis Symposium was held in an online format honors to allow students to present their research in a public forum. 

Link to the stream on YouTube Live: Click Here

Fall 2020 Honors Thesis Symposium Program


Panel I: Alternative Approaches to Education: Focus Curriculum, Balanced Schooling, and Monsters

  • Kelsey Percival - "Children’s Horror Film: The Lessons of a Redeemable Monster"
  • Lucas Snuffin - "The Problem with District Created Curriculum: An Argument for School Created Curriculum Through Implementing Culturally Responsive Teaching" 
  • Alexandra Berkowitz - "Historical Transitions in U.S. Public Education, Current Imbalances, and Ideas for a more Holistic Approach"


Panel II: Trauma, Addiction, and the Aftermath: Current Issues in Mental Health

  • Erica Payne - "Attitudes Toward Addiction and Free Will: A Mixed-Method Study and Philosophical Analysis"
  • Krystal Smith - "Evaluating Student Mental Health During COVID-19"
  • La Shun Mosley - "Unresolved Trauma: A Review of How it Accumulates and Evolves into a Category of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and the Combined Effects of it and Military related PTSD on Subgroup Veterans"


Panel III: Inflammation, Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments, and Medical Aid in Dying: Reevaluating the Norms in Patient Care

  • Brianna Simmons - "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: An Overlooked Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries"
  • Elizabeth Platt - "Expanding the Concept of Care for Terminally Ill Patients: How the Healthcare Teaching Curriculum Should be Changed to Holistically Accommodate Medical Aid in Dying"
  • Mikaela Mudge - "Go with Your Gut: A {New} Approach to Inflammation"


Panel IV: Navigating Power Dynamics in the Legal System and in the Rainforest

  • Olivia Czarnecki - "Legal Socialization and the Feminist Perspective: The interaction of experience and positionality in institutional legitimacy outcomes"
  • Chelsea Smith - "Oil Palm in Indonesia:  How Agricultural Expansion Fuels Poverty and Deforestation"

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