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Mark your calendars! The Spring 2020 Honors Thesis Symposium will be held Friday, May 8th on YouTube Live.


As COVID-19 continues to spread, this semester's symposium will feature five student in an online format. Join us at the Honors Thesis Symposium to see honors students present their research in a public forum, where they discuss topics of health, heritage, hardships, and more, and prove that a bad virus can't keep good honors students down!

Link to watch on YouTube Live: Click Here

Download the Spring 2020 Honors Thesis Symposium Program

Honors Thesis Symposium Spring 2020 – Full Schedule


9:00-10:00  Panel I: Exploring Public Health: Mosquitos, Melanoma and Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Kaylee Mackenzie “Using a Two-port Olfactometer to Determine the Ideal Attractants for Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti Mosquito Species” 
  • Deisy Rosales “Traditional Chinese Medicine as an Alternative to Treating Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis in Children”
  • Sophia Nem “Early Detection of Acral and Subungual Melanoma: A Proposal on Education Protocols for Increasing Awareness and Referral Patterns in Nail Salons”


10:15-11:15  Panel II: Reclaiming Heritage: Interracial Adoption, Mayan Linguistics and Indigenous Literature

  • Liam Price “Vowels and Culture: A Sociophonetic Analysis of Ch'orti' Mayan” 
  • Shayla Bischoff “Go Smudge Yourself: Empowering Indigenous Youth through Young Adult Literature 
  • Jeancasia Nolen “An Analysis of the Consequences of Interracial Adoption in America” 


11:30-1:00  Celebration Ceremony and Lunch Break


1:15-2:00  Panel III: A Beginner's Guide to Designing a Library: What Rhetoric and the Creation of the Universe Have in Common

  • Anna Erickson “Spatial Rhetoric in Relation to Industrial and Interior Design” 
  • Colton Lee The Infinite Predicate of god” 


2:15-3:00  Panel IV: It’s a Dirty World: Who’s Going to Clean it Up

  • Nick Sundstrom “Can Golf Lessons Help Save the Environment?” 
  • Sara Dahabreh A Program Analysis to Assess the Effectiveness of Paris Climate Agreement: Comparing Outcomes and Processes of Two Case Studies, China and Ethiopia” 


3:15-4:00  Panel V: The Profit Motive, Deregulation, and their Impacts on Aviation and Private Prisons

  • JayAnn Villalobos “Inmates for Profit” 
  • Steven Luu Re-Regulate the Deregulated Aviation Era?” 


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