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Below you will find links for materials useful to Honors faculty members.  If you have any questions or problems downloading these documents, please notify us.

  • Honors Designation Form - This form must be filled out before the first time a cross-listed Honors course is offered.  If you are unsure as to whether your course has been offered as an Honors cross-listing before, let us know and we will determine whether or not this form needs to be completed.
  • Honors Sample Syllabus - A helpful example of the differences between an Honors and a non-Honors syllabus.  The first four pages of this example is the standard, non-Honors version, and the second four pages are the Honors version, with the differences highlighted in red.
  • Sample Honors Assignments - A collection of Honors assignments from across various disciplines and from various institutions.  The variety of approaches should highlight the inherently individual and creative nature of these assignments.  Feel free to range widely when coming up with assignments for your class!
  • Honors Workshop Powerpoint - This is the Powerpoint that was used in the Honors Faculty Workshops.  If you weren't able to attend one, or did attend and want a refresher, you can access it here.
  • 2015 - 2016 Honors Curriculum - This is an updated version of the Honors curriculum.  Feel free to use this when advising students, or just to see how your course fits into the overall Honors Program.
  • Honors Thesis Guidebook-Faculty - A set of best practices for planning and executing an Honors Senior Thesis.  If you are asked to be a faculty mentor for the Honors Senior Thesis, this document will give you a good idea of what you're getting into!  

Again, thank you for working with the Honors Program!  Our program doesn't work without outstanding faculty, your efforts, expertise, and dedication to excellent teaching are greatly appreciated!

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