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History Degrees

General Information

General Studies:

The University requires that all students take one three-hour course in the Historical General Studies Category. Most lower-division History courses count as Historical General Studies courses. See the current university catalog for the list of General Studies courses.

Majors, Minors, and Licensure Students:

The University Catalog details requirements for the History major and minor as well as for the Secondary and other Education Licensure programs. Students should review those requirements before coming to the History Department for advising.

Students considering a History major or minor or planning on using History as a major in one of the education licensure programs should come to the Department to set up an appointment with an advisor. You may contact either of the Department's administrative assistants- Chrystyna Banks or Joseph Grannes- by e-mail or phone to set up an advising appointment. If you want to be advised by a specific faculty member you may contact that member via e-mail to set up an appointment. See the Faculty/Staff link for contact information.


1.  Students majoring in History must have a minor in a different academic discipline.

2.  Students majoring in History cannot use a History course to fulfill the Historical General Studies Requirement.  Instead they must take an additional three hour General Studies course in one of the following general studies areas:  Arts and Humanities, Natural and Physical Sciences, Social and Behavioral Sciences I, Social and Behavioral Sciences II.

3.  Students minoring in History may use one of their minor courses to fulfill the Historical General Studies requirement.  Students under pre 2015-2016 catalogs should contact the History Department to get a CAPP adjustment made to allow one course to move from the minor into Historical General Studies. Students under the 2015-2016 and later catalogs should take a General Studies history course that also counts as Global Diversity to fulfill their Historical General Studies requirement.

History Major Advising Guides

History Major Requirements for 2015-2016 Catalog-Year and Later

History B.A. Checklist 2015-2016History B.A. Checklist 2015 Catalog-Year and Later

History Major Requirements for 2009-2015 Catalog-Year 


History Minor Advising Guides

History Minor Requirements for 2015-2016 Catalog-Year

History Minor Requirements for 2009-2015 Catalog-Year


History Major with Secondary Education Advising Guides

History Major w/ Secondary Soc. Stud. Lic. - CLD Focus (Fall '18 & later)

History Major w/ Secondary Social Studies Licensure (2015-16 Catalog Only)

History Major w/ Secondary Social Studies Licensure (2014-15 Catalog & Earlier)


General Studies Requirements

For a current listing of History General Studies, Global Diversity, and Multicultural Credit options please check the Current Catalog.

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