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We offer ‌quality experiences for future recreation professionals.


The Recreation Professions program values both scholarly instruction and practical field experiences to prepare students as skilled recreation professionals and leaders.  Emulating the missions of the Health Professions Department and MSU Denver, our student success is achieved through a diverse, multi-disciplinary design that focuses on excellence in teaching and learning.

Each semester, we have a pool of students looking for volunteer experiences, internships, and practicum experiences in a variety of recreation fields. If your company or program is looking for skilled, enthusiastic, student employees, please email Karen Wenzel with your job descriptions and we can help match you with a great student to fit your needs.

For more information regarding internships and practicum experiences, please look at our manual examples below.

Careers in Recreation

Click on the links below to search for your career in a variety of recreation jobs.

1.  General Recreation/Local Recreation/Misc.

2. Local Recreation (all types)

3. YMCAs/YWCAs/Girls Inc./Boys and Girls Clubs/JCCs:

4. Military Recreation Sites:

5.Government Recreation Sites:

6. Sport Related Sites:

7. Sport Stadiums/Convention Centers:

8. Tourism/Resorts/Hospitality Sites:

9. Convention and Visitors Bureaus/Event Planning/Festivals/Amusement Parks Sites:

 10. Outdoor Recreation/Adventure & Experiential Education/Therapeutic Rec /Rec Management:

(Links courtesy of our friends at Indiana University Bloomington - they have EXCELLENT graduate programs in recreation!)

 Also check out the Adventure Job Board for great seasonal and full time job opportunities in the great outdoors! 



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