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Recreation Management Major Requirements

Student rappeling in Moab


Course Number Course Description Credits
RECR 1870 Recreation, Leisure & Well-Being 3
RECR 2110 Recreation Leadership Skills and Techniques 4
RECR 3330 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation Services 3
RECR 3840 Design and Maintenance of Recreation and Park Resources 4
RECR 3870 Internship Seminar for Recreation and Parks Professions 2
RECR 3970 Practicum in Recreation, Parks or Therapeutic Recreation 3
RECR 4110 Program Development in Recreation and Park Services 3
RECR 4130 Administration of Recreation and Services 3
RECR 4850 Advanced Administration and Evaluation 3
RECR 4890 Internship in Recreation, Parks or Therapeutic Recreation 10-14
PSY 2210 Psychology of Human Development 3

CORE SUBTOTAL 41-45 Credits**
*10-14 Hours of Internship
required with a GPA of 2.75 or higher
**A grade of C or better is required for each course in this program to count toward the bachelor's degree. 

Recreation Management Concentration



Course Number Course Description Credits
MGT 3000 Organizational Management 3
MGT 3530 Human Resource Management 3
MKT 3000 Principles of Marketing 3


ELECTIVE COURSES (select a minimum of 10 hours from the following courses)

Course Number Course Description Credits
RECR 2730  Sport in Society 3
RECR 3990 Field Experience in Recreation and Parks
RECR 4630  Recreation Programs for the Older Adult 3
RECR 4810 Grants and Writing in the Health Professions 3
RECR 390 Series of Classes 3

Additional courses may be selected with Advisor approval

*No minor required. Students must have a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate from MSU Denver.
60-64 total credits required for the Concentration in Recreation Management.

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