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MHA Program Pre-Requisites

Prior college level coursework required in accounting, statistics, and economics. In lieu of this academic preparation, students can complete the requirements via Peregrine Academic Services (online learning modules) in addition to the core 40 credits.  Additionally, experience with technology, computer applications, and applicable computer systems and applications are highly encouraged. Students lacking required prerequisite coursework can apply to the MHA program for conditional acceptance.  Students will be granted official acceptance and permission to begin the MHA program once they successfully complete the required prerequisite courses with a “C” or better.  Stundents may also be required or suggested to take Peregrines Write and Cite module.

Each module takes 4–6 hours to complete.  Check Peregrine's website for the cost per module.
The information below shows information for students to complete “leveling courses” via Peregrine.

To begin the registration process, please follow the on-screen instructions found at the following link

Your password is: MSUD-1001

The registration process should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Upon completion of your registration you will receive a confirmation email with your exam/course link for taking the exam, at the email address you provide to us. If you have any problems with the registration process, please visit their technical support page.



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