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Admissions Process

The MHA Admissions Committee, which is comprised of faculty members, will review only complete applications. Applicants who submit incomplete applications will not be reviewed by the admissions committee and will be denied from the program. After the MHA Admissions Committee receives and reviews the application the applicants will be notified in writing (via e-mail) of their status. Applicants may be accepted, accepted with conditions, waitlisted, or denied admission. Students should check the program website for application deadlines.


Regularly Admitted:

Students who are accepted into the program will receive an acceptance letter. Students will be required to confirm their acceptance into the MHA program by signing their Graduation Admission and Enrollment Check Sheet agreeing to the terms of their acceptance.


Regularly Admitted with Requirements:

Admission with requirements is possible. Each master’s degree program determines whether or not to allow admission based on requirements that need to be met at the time of application.  Samples of requirements not being met; when a student has not submitted all of the necessary paperwork for admission, i.e., complete transcript listing their conferred date of their degree; not achieving a particular GPA; completing prerequisite courses; or other such requirements.

Students who do not fulfill the requirements set forth by the program may be dismissed.



Students may be offered waitlist status.


Denied Admission:

The MHA Admissions Committee reserves the right to deny acceptance of any applicant. Applicants who submit incomplete applications, including transcripts and additional admissions materials will not be reviewed by the MHA Admissions Committee and will be denied from the program.



To meet with our admission specialist, 

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