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Our program is built on core values of personal well-being, community, global, and environmental health.

IHC Club

The mission of the Integrative Health Program is to be an innovative think tank for optimizing wellness and transforming health care. This program cultivates wisdom, challenges current paradigms, and promotes growth in an inclusive and authentic environment. Students have the opportunity for a transformational experience through developing personal self-agency which includes adaptability, self-responsibility, self-advocacy, creativity, and entreprenuership.

Program Objectives

Objectives for the program are to:

  1. Assist students in identifying core values and life questions.
  2. Offer student centered learning environments.
  3. Instill an understanding of personal responsibility for one’s life, health and learning.
  4. Create change agents for the health care arena.
  5. Role model an attitude of empathy, caring, compassion, and self-acceptance.
  6. Enable students to collect, analyze, interpret, and share health information and data.
  7. Apply post-materialistic scientific method and critical thinking within integrative health.
  8. Prepare students to enter the workforce and/or graduate or further their education.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  1. Analyze and recapitulate the biological processes related to human health and disease.
  2. Describe the terminology and concepts behind integrative health. 
  3. Evaluate the health and wellness of individuals from an integrative perspective.
  4. Compare and contrast safety and effectiveness of health care modalities, using an evidence-based approach.
  5. Collaborate with peers and colleagues in a professional manner.
  6. Demonstrate their knowledge and skill sets related to integrative health.
  7. Create and present health and wellness education content based on analysis and synthesis of scholarly sources.

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