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Men's Health Minor Requirements

Individualized Degree Program Incubator

The Men’s Health minor provides an academic perspective on the lives of men and boys, specifically on how it affects their health, in all dimensions- physical, mental, emotional, social, sexual, etc.  The minor addresses the unique set of challenges men and boys face in carving a healthy life, by identifying and profoundly exploring the key determinants of health for men and boys across cultural lines, using scholarly resources.  Students will learn the manifestations of dis-ease in men, as well as the impact on other men, women, children, animals and the environment.

The minor prepares students with competencies in men’s behavioral health changes such as diet and lifestyle, men’s empowerment to lead other men, fathering skills, working through addictions affecting men, and comparing/contrasting definitions of manhood with respect to a wide range of cultural beliefs.

The Men’s Health minor is a powerful complement to majors programs such as Lifestyle Medicine, Integrative Healthcare, Human Services/Addiction Studies, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Management, Human Performance and Sport, Psychology, Communications and many others because of the growing interest in optimizing men’s declining health.  Stand out in the labor force by demonstrating expertise in this cutting-edge field!



Strongly Recommended Core Courses: 15 credits

ITP 2810 Men Across Cultures (this course is multi-cultural designated); this class will be moving to Upper Division.

ITP 2820 Men and Anger

ITP 3000 Men’s Health (ENG 1010 and 1020)

ITP 390H Men in Recovery (or approved course in addictions)

Fathers and Fathering. 

Complementary elective courses: Choose 6 credit hours

HCM 3500 Health Care Research Methods

HCM 3550 Leadership in Health Care

HCM 3700 Health Disparities in the US

ITP 2700 Holistic Health

ITP 3100 Health Education and Counseling

ITP 3700 Physiology of Aging

ITP 4000 Pediatric Holistic Health

ITP 4600 Clinical Pathophysiology

ITP 4800 Lifestyle Medicine Across Gender and Lifespan

RECR 2010 Play Across Cultures

NUT 2040 Intro to Nutrition

NUT 3050 Concepts of Lifecycle Nutrition

NUT 3200 Nutrition and Sports Performance

NUT 3350 Global Nutrition

CAS 2770 Gender and Communication

CAS 4200 Gender in Popular Culture

GWS 1200 Multicultural Study of Sexualities and Genders

GWS 3930 Theories of Love and Sex

HSP 3500 Domestic Violence

HSP 4200 Child Abuse and Neglect

HSP 4290 PTSD and Trauma Informed Care

HSP 4540 Youth, Drugs and Gangs

PSY 2210 Psych of Human Dev

PSY 2850 Psychology of Sexuality

PSY 3050 Psych of Gender

PSY 3410 Health Psychology

PSY 3470 Psych of Violence and Aggression

Total: 21 credits


Note: Some of the elective courses above may have additional prerequisites

The Men’s Health Minor is a new minor through the Individualized Degree Program (IDP) as an incubator minor.  The minor requires completion and approval of an IDP proposal.

If you are interested in this minor, call 303-615-1200 to schedule an advising appointment with Dr. Steve Rissman.  Or send him an email at You can also discuss the minor further with Michelle Dupuis in the Center for Individualized Learning at 303-605-5639 or The Center is located in the Administration Building, Suite 360, 1201 5th St, next to the Auraria West Light Rail Station.

Transforming the lives of men and boys- what could be more meaningful?!


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