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Our Health Care Program celebrates many achievements.

HCM faculty‌The goals, objectives, and outcomes of the HCM Program are designed to fit with those of the various other entities with which it is associated. The Program is part of the Department of Health Professions (HEP), which is one of the professional training programs in the College of Professional Studies (CPS).

The Program has delineated the following broad student-related pedagogic goals:

  1. To promote critical thinking skills
  2. To advance professional and personal growth of individuals
  3. To prepare competent individuals for direct entry into management within the health care field
  4. To prepare individuals for graduate school

Additionally, the program follows the over-arching goals as determined by College of Professional Studies, Department of Health Professions Faculty Evaluation Guidelines:

  1. Teaching
  2. Scholarly activities
  3. Service

MSU Denver's student population mirrors the ethnic demographics of the state, making the University the leader in diverse enrollment among Colorado's four-year universities. Our HCM students closely reflect the overall MSU Denver student profile: (based on fall 2014 MSU Denver enrollment)

  • 46.5% male and 53.5% female
  • Average age is 26
  • 20% of MSU Denver students are Hispanic (HCM = 23.5%) • 40% of MSU Denver students attend part-time (HCM = 45%) • 32% are first-generation college students
  • 33% are Pell Grant recipients
  • 93% are from the metro Denver area

MSU Denver provides students with a transformative academic experience and serves the community as a courageous change agent and a gateway to opportunity. The University's broad access, affordable tuition, quality academic experience and excellent outcomes add up to a high-value education.

The HCM Program graduates approximately 50 to 60 students per year. Approximately 12% of the students go on to pursue a Master's degree within 4.6 years. Other students are successfully employed throughout the region in rewarding professions.


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