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Collaboration Between Denver Health Paramedic School and MSU Denver

The Denver Health Paramedic Division and DG logo with taglineMetropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) have an agreement that pertains to students who attend the Paramedic School and desire to work towards completion of a bachelor’s degree from MSU Denver. Up to 24 credit hours will be awarded to students who declare a major in Health Care Management or Human Series and meet the following requirements:

 1. Complete the Paramedic Program at the Denver Health School and possess a verifiable and valid, current certification from the State of Colorado.

2. Choose one of the majors below and depending on the major chosen, the Paramedic School credits will be allocated as follows:

a.     Health Care Management Major:

For students seeking this major, the 24 credit hours for Paramedic coursework will be awarded and may be used in lieu of taking a minor. Students must meet with an advisor in the Health Care Management Program to develop their degree plan and authorize the credit.

b.     Human Services Major:

Students seeking a degree in Human Services must choose the Paramedic Concentration (minor not required). The 24 credit hours accepted for the Paramedic Certification will be divided as follows:

    • 8 credit hours will be awarded for HPS 2050 Practicum
    • 16 credit hours will be considered to complete the Paramedic Concentration

3. Other Information:

Students who have not attended another institution of higher education are encouraged to complete their Level 1 General Studies requirements at MSU Denver and the following courses PRIOR to enrollment in the Paramedic School.

  • BIO 1050 and 1090: General Biology with Laboratory
  • BIO 2310: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 2320: Human Anatomy and Physiology II

4.  Contact Information:

  • To receive an application, please contact Denver Health Paramedic Division
    • Justin Harper, Assistant Chief & Program Director
      • Mail: 190 West 6th Avenue, MC 3650, Denver, CO 80204
      • Email:
      • Phone: (303) 436-5347 or 1-866-4MEDICS
      • Fax: (303) 436-8844
  • To receive more information about the MSU Denver programs:
    • Health Care Management: contact Kevin Zeiler
      • Mail: Campus Box 33, PO Box 173362, Denver, CO 80217
      • Office WC 239
      • Email:
      • Phone: (303) 556-3130
      • Fax: (303) 556-3439
    • Human Services Department: contact Tara Tull
      • Mail: Campus Box 12, PO Box 173362, Denver, CO 80217
      • Office: WC 236
      • Email:
      • Phone: (303) 556-2951
      • Fax: (303) 556-4071


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