FREE to all Auraria students, faculty and staff

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If you’re ready to quit using tobacco the Health Center at Auraria can connect you to tobacco cessation resources. Accessing the proper tools and support can increase your chances to become tobacco free. The Light Up Your Life in a New Way program is designed to tailor a program to your individual lifestyle and needs.

Schedule an Initial Visit

Individuals interested in receiving tobacco cessation assistance should leave a message for
the Health Center’s tobacco cessation coach at 303-556-5216. You will be contacted to set up your initial appointment. This free, confidential and one-on-one tobacco cessation support is available to all Auraria students, faculty and staff. Participantswill meet with the support coach who will assist in assessing your level of tobacco use, select a quit plan and establish coping strategies as you embark on your tobacco cessation journey. The support coach will also be available to you throughout your journey to offer assistance and insights to better ensure your success.

Participant Options

Option 1: Self-Guided Workbook

By completing this workbook a person can track their usage of tobacco, focus on trigger
awareness and coping techniques. The American Lung Association’s tobacco cessation workbook is available for free at the Health Center.

Option 2: Online Tobacco Cessation Program

This online program will guide you through modules containing several lessons. These lessons will include information to ensure a solid foundation about preparing to quit before the predetermined quit day. The Health Center will purchase a yearlong premium membership for the participant to the American Lung Association’s online tobacco cessation program.

Option 3: Medical Intervention - Meeting with a Medical Provider

Health Center Office Visits

Three free tobacco cessation of ce visits with a medical provider are provided at the Health Center at Auraria. These sessions will be used to discuss which medication options will be right for you. Contact the support coach to learn more.

Tobacco Cessation Medications

Combined with support coach services, tobacco cessation medications improve your chances of successfully eliminating tobacco usage. The Health Center will pay for 100% of the cost of a medication for up to a three (3) month supply, according to appropriate medical usage guidelines. The value of these medications for a three month supply range
from $150 to $700 contingent on the selected medication and the value of the three (3) free medical provider of ce visits is $200. If you have ever considered eliminating the use of tobacco in your life, now is the time to take advantage of this exclusive Auraria Campus service!

Available Medications

Chantix ® (Varenicline) • Nicotine Gum •
Nicotine Patch • Wellbutrin® (Bupropion)