Spring 2020 Events

The Events offered by the Health Center at Auraria is an opportunity for campus members to engage in health and wellness programs. These include the Wellness Redefined Series, Healthy Pursuits Mind Body Fitness classes and additional events each offered each semester. All events and programs are at no charge and most do not require registration. 

Cupcakes and Condoms

February 12th | 10:30am – 2:00pm | Tivoli Multicultural Lounge

Celebrate National Condom Day with free cupcakes and condoms! You’ll have candid conversations with campus resources pertaining to sexual wellness including consent, communication and healthy relationships. FREE STI testing will be available. 

Wellness Redefined Workshops

12:30 - 2:00pm | Auraria Library Discovery Wall


Physical Wellness - February 4th

Physical activity and nutrition have a direct impact on physical and mental health. From increased concentration and focus to improved mood and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression, this event presents information and practical tips on physical activity, healthy eating and sleep habits.

Social Wellness - February 11th

As humans, we are driven towards social connection. Having social relationships increases your ability to manage stress, boosts "feel good" chemicals in your brain and can reduce feelings of sadness and loneliness. This workshop will explore the mind/body benefits of healthy social relationships.

Emotional Wellness - February 18th

Come and explore how the brain and body experience and respond to stress and how this is connected to how you function on a daily basis. Skills and strategies, such as mindfulness and grounding skills, will be offered to help manage stress and maintain emotional balance.

Financial Wellness - February 25th

This workshop is to help mitigate financial stress by learn about financial goal setting, safe savings, and tracking spending habits. You’ll learn new skills to help manage the sense of overwhelm that some people experience with the topic of money management.

Come As You Are

February 26th | 11:00am - 3:00pm | Tivoli 320A

The Health Center at Auraria and CU Denver Counseling Center are proud to partner with the Eating Disorder Foundation, EDCare, Eating Recovery Center and the Gaudiani Clinic as part of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. During this event you’ll engage with campus partners and community agencies to raise your awareness about eating disorders while you have engaging and encouraging conversations. Food provided.

Fresh Check Day

March 11th | 11:00am – 3:00pm | St. Cajetan’s

Fresh Check Day is a stress-free and hopeful atmosphere where students are encouraged to engage in conversation about mental health. It helps to build a bridge between students and mental health resources. There will be activities, free food and giveaways.

Spring into Wellness 

April 7th | 10:30am – 2:00pm |Tivoli 320

The spring is the perfect time to reboot and rejuvenate your body and mind. Come by and explore different aspects of health and wellness to take you from surviving to thriving. Free food, activities and resources will be available!  

Hang In There

Pop Up Event

Enjoy some time in a hammock to allow yourself to relax and reset. This is a popup event that will be weather dependent and changes locations around campus. Look for the hammocks, Hang In There signs and the Health Center at Auraria table for the event.

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