Fall 2019 Events

The Events offered by the Health Center at Auraria is an opportunity for campus members to engage in health and wellness programs. These include the Wellness Redefined Series, Healthy Pursuits Mind Body Fitness classes and additional events each offered each semester. All events and programs are at no charge and most do not require registration.

Healthy Pursuits Mind Body Fitness Classes | PE 103 | Times vary

These movement classes will strengthen and enhance the connection of the mind-body network. Each class has a series of exercises with an inward directed focus to help unwind mental and physical tension while getting a workout. The current schedule can be found here. 

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

Wellness Redefined

Wellness Redefined is a 5-part wellness series that equips students with the knowledge and simple skills to help improve and maintain personal well-being. Registration is not required but recommended.

Emotional Wellness | Sept 10th, 12:30-2:00 | Tivoli 320 REGISTER HERE

Emotional wellness consists of our reactions to situations, internal experiences and our ability to manage these experiences. Facilitators will offer education about how the brain and body respond to stress and why this is important to how we function on a daily basis.  Skills and strategies, such as mindfulness and grounding skills, will be offered to help manage stress and maintain emotional balance.

Spiritual Wellness | Sept 24th, 12:30-2:00 | Tivoli 320 REGISTER HERE

The transition to college, and all the stressors that come with it, may lead one to questioning beliefs and values and looking to connect to a deeper meaning or purpose. Does your sense of spirituality create internal conflicts, or might it be a source of wellness that moves you forward, feeling inspired and renewed? Come explore these ideas and find ways to tap into " the sacred" in your life to stay balanced  in the face of  challenges that may arise.

Physical Wellness | Oct 8th, 12:30-2:00 | Tivoli 320 REGISTER HERE

Physical activity and nutrition play a major role in how we feel both physically and emotionally.  This event will present information on the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating and sleep habits. Activities will include gentle movement and preparation of a simple healthy snack. 

Social Wellness | Oct 23rd, 12:30-2:00 | Tivoli 320 REGISTER HERE

As humans, we are driven towards social connectedness.  Having social relationships increases our ability to manage stress and boosts "feel good" chemicals in our brain.  This workshop will address why it's important to have social connections, and the mind/body benefits of healthy social relationships.  Students will look at how to build an individualized network of social support.

Wellness Plan | Oct 31st, 12:30-2:00 | Tivoli 320 REGISTER HERE

This workshop will serve as a wrap-up session where students can continue to share their experience and thoughts about the redefined view of wellness. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and presenters to create your own customized wellness plan designed to work specifically for you.

The Power of Flower: A blunt conversation about today’s cannabis | October 7th, 10a-12p & 3p-5p | Tivoli 320 B&C

Facilitated by Dr. Libby Stuyt, an addiction psychiatrist, this event will provide current data and information around the evolution of cannabis. You will have a chance to hear and engage in conversation about the different forms of cannabis being used, potency changes over the years, perceptions about the rates of use amongst college students, emerging data around addiction as well as long-term physical and neurological effects of marijuana use. These sessions are open to all Auraria Campus students, faculty and staff.


Blind Spot | October 16th, 10:30am-2pm | Tivoli Multicultural Lounge

Prevent and avoid negative consequences associated with alcohol use. Stop by for casual conversations and free food.

Break Free | November 7th, 10:30am-2pm | Tivoli Multicultural Lounge

Break free from the stigma and myths associated with marijuana, e-cigarettes and tobacco. Join the Health Center at Auraria for quick conversations, support resources and free food available.

Hang In There | Pop Up Events

Enjoy some time in a hammock to allow yourself to relax and reset. This is a popup event that will be weather dependent and changes locations around campus. Look for the hammocks, Hang In There signs and the Health Center at Auraria table for the event.

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