Opt-Out Waiver Instructions

Opt-Out Waiver Deadlines

Fall 2019: September 4, 2019          Spring 2020: February 6, 2020

Online Insurance Waiver Instructions

  1. Visit the MSU Denver Student Hub at edu/studenthub
  2. Under Web Services, click on Main Menu
  3. Once you have logged in with your MSU Denver NetID and Password, go to the Insurance Waiver tab and select a term (semester) in the drop down
  4. Read all waiver instructions, fill in all required fields and click the Continue button
  5. Verify all information is correct and click the Submit
  6. confirmation email will be sent to your MSU Denver email confirming you have submitted the (This is not waiver approval.)
  7. Please allow 10-15 business days for waivers to be Once a waiver approval is granted, the insurance charge will be removed from your tuition account. A waiver is required for each Fall and Spring semester of attendance; an approved waiver will remove the semester insurance fee
  8. Once the audit is complete, a verification email will be sent to your MSU Denver email account verifying that the audit of your insurance waiver was completed and either approved or denied. If you receive a denied waiver notice, please contact the MSU Denver Student Insurance Office immediately at 303-615-9997 for more information.