Coverage Dates, Premiums and Deadlines


Fall 2020:   $1,045 August 17, 2020 thru January 18, 2021
Spring/Summer 2021:         $1,463 January 19, 2021 thru August 22, 2021 
Summer 2021*:  $627 June 7, 2021 thru August 22, 2021 

*The University Health Insurance fee is not automatically charged to students for Summer semester, and it’s optional for new incoming students to enroll onto the University’s insurance plan if taking 9 or more credits.

Coverage for student athletes enrolled in SHIP will begin August 1 for Fall semester, and any new incoming Spring athletes will have coverage begin January 1.  


Benefit Maximums and Deductibles 

SHIP Benefits


SHIP Out Of Pocket Cost at a Network Provider

Overall Benefit Maximum There is no overall maximum dollar limit on the policy.
Out-of-Pocket Maximum $7,100 per policy year 
Policy Tier 1 Deductible Network PPO: $500 per policy year (annual) Non-Network PPO: $1000 per policy year (annual) 
Policy Tier 2 Corridor Deductible Additional $5,000 deductible per policy year only after the insurance company has paid $1,500 in covered services. 

Prescription Deductible (Prescription mail order is not currently available)

$200 per policy year (does not apply to policy deductible)

Tier 1 - $20 Copay per prescription

Tier 2 - $40 Copay per prescription

Tier 3 - $60 Copay per prescription

Up to a 31-day supply per prescription.  

For additional information about the MSU Denver SHIP Benefits, click the link below. 

MSU Denver SHIP Levels Explained

Opt-Out Waiver Deadlines

Fall 2020: September 2, 2020

Spring 2021: February 4, 2021

Each Fall or Spring semester a student is enrolled in 9 or more credit hours and would like to opt-out of SHIP, they need to complete the online opt-out waiver form.

Healthcare plans must be in effect no later than September 1st to opt-out of the Fall semester and February 1st to opt-out of the Spring semester.

For more information on the MSU Denver Health Insurance Requirement, click here.


Opt-In Deadlines for Voluntary SHIP Enrollment

Exclusively for Graduate students taking 6-8 credits, Graduating students taking 8 credits or less, or Summer only students taking 9 or more credits. These student can opt-into SHIP by completing an enrollment form and submitting it to the MSU Denver Student Insurance office by the posted deadlines.

Fall 2020: September 2, 2020
Spring 2021: February 4, 2021
Summer 2021: June 22, 2021

Information about the opt-in enrollment process for Graduate Students, Graduating Students and Summer only Insurance Coverage can be found here.