The Health Center at Auraria cannot bill Medicaid or Medicare. However, all students,faculty and staff on the Auraria Campus who are insured by Medicaid or Medicare, can still be seen at the Health Center at Auraria for medical care or mental health care. 

In this case, since the Health Center cannot bill Medicare or Medicaid, individuals are automatically given a 50% discount off all billed charges for any medical services attained at the Health Center at Auraria. 

This same 50% discount also applies for all mental health services provided at the Health Center at Auraria for any CU Denver and CCD student. Since MSU Denver students pay an additional mental health student fee, all mental health services at the Health Center at Auraria are provided at no cost to all MSU Denver students. 

Please note that even though the Health Center at Auraria cannot bill Medicaid or Medicare, the Health Center at Auraria is permitted to issue referrals, order labs, and write prescriptions for patients who participate in Medicaid or Medicare and these specific services will be covered according to your plan’s benefits. 

The Health Center at Auraria also provides severano charge services available to all CCD, CU Denver and MSU Denver students, regardless of insurance coverage. 

Certified Application Assistance Site 

The Health Center at Auraria is a Certified Application Assistance Site for Colorado Medicaid. This allows the Health Center at Auraria to assist students in completing Applications for Medical and Food Assistance on behalf of the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. 

This process can be challenging to complete. However, with the assistance of the Health Center at Auraria staff, students can more easily navigate through the required application process. 

The process takes up to 1.5 hours to complete. Interested students should contact the Health Center at Auraria for more information.