Auraria Campus Ebola Update and Advisory

• The Health Center At Auraria remains vigilant and continuously monitors the situation surrounding the Ebola outbreak in the affected countries of West Africa (Guinea,Sierra Leone and Liberia) and recent  developments in the U.S. We are in communication with state public health officials and receive health alerts on a regular basis.

• As members  of the Auraria campus,we share your concerns about the outbreak  of Ebola in West Africa,but we do not feel there is any reason to be alarmed. The likelihood of an Ebola outbreak in Colorado remains very low at this time. The Health Center has protocols in place for handling any suspected cases. We will utilize the various campus communication methods for each institution,if and when additional pertinent information becomes available that is relevant to campus stakeholders.

• Consistent with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines,we would like to emphasize that Ebola is only contagious when an individual has symptoms (see link below). It is not typically shared by casualcontact between roommates and is not transmitted by air, contaminated food or water.

• At this time, there are no students, staff or faculty at Auraria who are involved in any school sponsored travel programs to the affected  outbreak countries in West Africa. With the upcoming holidays,more people will be travelling internationally,some to their home countries. Please be advised that the CDC has posted a Warning Level3 for travel to the Ebola affected countries of West Africa (Guinea,Sierra Leone and Liberia) which means that it urges all US residents to avoid non­ essentialtravel (see link below).If you must travel,protect yourself by following CDC safety advice.

• Faculty members who receive questions from students or staff about Ebola and are unsure of how best to respond,we advise you to direct students  to the Health Center's website ( or advise them to contact  the Health Center at 303-556-2525 (press "0").

• Remember: Ebola is a rare disease. In contrast, the Flu which kills more people worldwide yearly can be prevented with a flu vaccine. We highly recommend that you get your flu shot as soon as possible.  An on-campus flu shot clinic will be held on Nov.19th from lOAM- 2PM at the Tivoli Turnhalle. You may also choose to receive a flu shot from any of the community agencies who are providing this service.

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