The Auraria Campus is committed to providing additional support and referrals to students who are dealing with addictions. This includes a variety of different dependences that a student may be facing. Addictions disrupt a student from being able to reach their potential in college and it is essential that each student is connected with the appropriate care and resources so they can thrive as a student and person.

Treatments for addictions may include weekly outpatient counseling or inpatient therapy and vary greatly depending upon the addiction, individual circumstances, and treatment programs.  For some treatments, insurance will cover a portion or all of the cost, so it is important for one to consult with the treatment facility when one is seeking treatment options to discuss payment options and insurance coverages, ahead of time.

The Health Center and Counseling Centers offer care and referrals on many different addictions and disorders. If you need additional information that is not listed in this section, please contact either of these facilities to speak with someone about treatment and referral options.


On Campus Resources

Health Center at Auraria, Plaza 150 — 303-615-9999

CCD Counseling Center, Tivoli 245 - 303-352-6436

MSU Denver Counseling Center, Tivoli 651 — 303-615-9988

CU Denver Student and Community Counseling Center Tivoli 454 - 303-315-7270