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New Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome to the MSU Denver Graduate Student Orientation. The information and guidance offered below is designed to help you succeed on your journey through graduate school and to acquaint you with the resources and personnel available to help you thrive both academically and personally.


Orientation Sections

Your online Graduate Student Orientation is divided into six sections. To learn more visit our current students page for additional resources. 


Enrico Dominguez, Office of Graduate Studies Program Marketing Manager, interviews three MSU Denver graduate students to ask them the most frequently asked questions related to the MSU Denver graduate experience, advising, networking, campus parking and so much more.


The U.S. Department of Education provides more than $120 billion in student aid each year.  In order to tap into the funds available, it’s vital for graduate students to be well-versed in the various types of grants, loans and work-study programs through which funding is disbursed by connecting with the MSU Denver Financial Aid department.


When you have academic questions, the Auraria Library is here to help.  Whether you have questions about sources, journal articles or even a textbook the Graduate Teaching and Learning Librarian is an amazing resource and is available to help you navigate through the Auraria Library website and a plethora of databases. Follow along as Geoff Johnson provides information about the research help services offered and how to access those resources (and many more) through the library website.


If you ever face a writer’s block or just need another set of eyes to edit your written work, the Writing Center is here to meet your needs. Learn about the Writing Center’s approach and how center employees can help you achieve your writing goals throughout your graduate school journey.


When times get tough, it’s important to take time and connect with professionals who can help you work through critical issues. Learn more about the counseling center and all of the resources that are available to you as a graduate student by visiting this module.   The counseling center offers individual and group counseling, as well as workshops designed to meet the unique needs of our graduate student population.  The counseling center is located in Tivoli 651; however, it is currently operating virtually due to the COVID-19 global pandemic.


Since the Global Pandemic our Health Center has been working diligently to provide graduate students with free testing and resources related to  the overall health of our Roadrunner family.  Learn about the various delivery options for services offered by the Health Center including insurance, immunizations and more. The health center is located within the Plaza building, Suite 150, but also offers telehealth care.



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