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Current Student Resources

Fun fact: Did you know that Ancient Native American and Mexican cultures honored roadrunners and considered the birds to be good luck as well as symbols of strength, courage, speed and endurance?


As a graduate student you demonstrate strength and courage daily.  Sometimes, however, we all need to rely on members of our flock to endure to the end.  The offices below are here to assist you throughout your journey as a roadrunner:

Academic Resources

This calendar shows all academic related events and dates including registration and drop dates, class start and end dates, campus breaks and other important academic information.

This catalog contains comprehensive information about MSU Denver, the graduate degrees and programs offered, and the requirements a student must satisfy before receiving their graduate degree.

This policy outlines the rights of the University as well as University employees to own, reproduce, and distribute copyrightable work and patentable inventions created during the course of employment with MSU Denver.

Books and Computer Resources

The Tivoli Bookstore provides textbooks to buy or rent for MSU Denver students, along with other important technology and supplies.

MSU Denver IT Services provides software licensing and acquisition assistance for the faculty, staff, and students in an aim to help individuals benefit from reduced costs, while increasing software availability.

Campus Map

The MSU Denver campus map provides an overview of campus buildings, student services, resources, parking, public transit and other campus related locations.

Financial Resources

The Office of Financial Aid provides assistance for learning more about loans, scholarships, grants, FAFSA and other financial related services.

Identification Resources

The MSU Denver Roadrunner Card serves as MSU Denver's identification card. It is required to get a parking permit, proves campus affiliation to access the student Heath Center at Auraria, provides access to Campus Recreation, gives you better borrowing privileges at the Auraria Library and is necessary to participate in the “Buyback” program for textbooks.

To change information with MSU Denver related to a changes in a last name, preferred first name, address, ssn, phone, DOB or gender a Change of Information form must be completed. The form must be returned to the Office of the Registrar.

To register or to learn more about the Selective Service click here

International Students Resources

International Student Support ensures that international students studying on an ‘F’ visa are able to maintain legal status while studying at MSU Denver, while also supporting their personal, academic and career goals.

The Immigrant Services Program at the MSU is an academic and social support program that aims to increase enrollment, retention, and graduation of MSU Denver undocumented, DACA, immigrant and refugee students.

The ESL Program specializes in writing, reading, listening, and speaking support to MSU students who's primary language is not English.


The Auraria Library serves the students, faculty, and staff of AHEC's three campus institutions, providing books, databases, study rooms, computer access, printing, faculty services and more.

University Offices and Centers

The Office of the Registrar monitors the University’s academic policies, while maintaining student records including transcripts, degree progress reports, commencement, transfer evaluation and more.

The Office of Financial Aid provides assistance for learning more about loans, scholarships, grants, FAFSA and other financial related services.

The Office of the Bursar assists students with billing statements, financial rights and responsibilities, payment plans, refunds and more.

The Counseling Center provides assistance with crisis intervention, individual counseling, therapy/support groups, workshops, outreach and self-help resources.

The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy creates a space for oppressed groups to build community, organize for liberation and engage in self-care.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is a resource providing leadership on issues related to diversity and inclusion. MSU Denver values promotion of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of campus life through initiatives that encourage diversity and inclusive excellence.

The Health Center at Auraria is an on campus medical provider that is easily accessible and provides high-quality medical, mental health and health educational services.

The LGBTQ Student Resource Center serves as a social space that is open to students from all three institutions on campus to relax, study, and socialize with peers in the LGBTQ community.

The Veteran and Military Services assist with student veteran transition from military to student life, provides information and assistance on the enrollment process and through graduation, helps veteran students maximize the use of G.I. education benefits and other additional resources.

The Access Center provides resources for students with disabilities to have equal access to MSU Denver programs, services and activities.

The Writing Center assists students at any stage with their writing assignments, across all disciplines, composing in any genre, in order to help students achieve their academic writing goals.

The Office of Career Services provides services and support for students and alumni in all career aspects. MSU Denver values helping students and alumni develop self-knowledge, identify career goals and build job-search skills.

Campus Recreation offers co-curricular experiences through recreation, fitness and leisure services for students, faculty and staff of MSU and the Auraria community.

Transportation and Parking

NightRider is an evening shuttle service offering rides to and from Auraria Campus buildings and designated stops located throughout the campus.

Students are provided with an RTD pass while enrolled at MSU Denver. RTD provides transportation options via bus and light rail that travels to-and-from campus as well as around the Denver MEtro Area.  

AHEC Parking provides information on parking locations, annual/monthly permits, validation requests, rules and regulations, pricing and more. 

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