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Master of Science in Cybersecurity

MSU Denver’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity program is designed to meet your goals for this in-demand field, even if you’ve never taken any other computer science courses. Graduates gain skills in protecting against cybercrime.

Graduate students will be immersed in the latest cybersecurity trends and tools while learning to develop and deploy network defenses, manage cybercrime investigations, and adapt to human factors of cyber operations.

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Why MSU Denver?

At MSU Denver, we strive to Reimagine Possible. We give students more opportunities through expert professors and affordable degree plans. Here, you'll heighten your knowledge, grow your career toolbox, and learn alongside students of all backgrounds.

Samuel Berg, Fall 2019 Provost’s Award Winner

Where will this take me?

A Masters of Science in Cybersecurity opens the doors to careers including (but not limited to): Chief Information Security Officer, Cybersecurity Analyst, Information Security Crime Investigator, Risk Manager, IT Security Consultant and more.


When do I Apply?

For full consideration, please apply by April 15th.

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