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Welcome to the Metropolitan State University of Denver Office of Graduate Studies Website!  We are happy you are here and invite you to explore the many ways that a graduate education from MSU Denver will both challenge and inspire you to embark on a new phase of your professional, academic and/or personal life pursuits.  Becoming a graduate student here means being fully immersed in the welcoming environment of an educational community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in the production of thought and practice leadership purposefully designed to serve the needs of our community and broader society.


Our cutting-edge master’s programs link theory to practice and attract students with diverse backgrounds and passions. Our graduate students acquire the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary to become future leaders in a wide array of professions that involve bold discovery, creative application, acquiring and disseminating new knowledge and inquiry.


The OGS fully understands the challenges and demands associated with advanced/graduate study.  We also firmly believe that student success encompasses aspects of your life that exist outside of academic work.  Therefore, I hope you will view graduate study as part of a well-rounded life experience and take advantage of the many programs designed to support and enrich the lives of graduate students here at MSU Denver.


We are here to serve as a resource for graduate students, providing guidance in the areas of: program offerings, admissions guidelines, thesis electronic submission information and career preparation. The Office of Graduate Studies values integrity, collaboration and innovation, as well as, the core values of CADRE—community, access, diversity and entrepreneurship.  Students who excel in the MSU Denver graduate environment are creative, entrepreneurial roadrunners…prepared to run their own road.  If this sounds like you, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to provide you with more information about our programs.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our robust and professionally oriented graduate programs designed with YOU in mind.


Kindest Regards,

OGS Team