Latest updates on Fall 2021 planning, vaccines, and Covid-19 testing. Latest updates on Fall 2021 planning, vaccines, and Covid-19 testing.
MSU Denver

About MSU Denver OGS

The primary purpose of the Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) at Metropolitan State University of Denver is to define and support excellence in graduate education and the professional, research and scholarly activities associated with it.  As part of the central administration of the university, it fulfills this purpose by:


Articulating a vision of excellence for the graduate community


Providing quality control for all aspects of graduate education


Maintaining equitable standards across all academic disciplines


Defining what graduate education is and what it is not


Bringing an institution-wide perspective to all graduate endeavors


Providing interdisciplinary perspective


Enhancing the intellectual community of scholars among both graduate students and faculty


Serving as an advocate for graduate education


Emphasizing the importance of adequately training future thought and practice leaders


Developing ways for graduate education to contribute to and enhance undergraduate education


Supporting graduate student support services and


Serving as an advocate for issues and constituencies critical to the success of graduate programs

What We Do

The Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) promotes excellence in graduate education, thought leadership and service within MSU Denver and the greater community.  The OGS has a commitment to shared governance and works with the Graduate Council, Faculty Senate and appropriate university representatives to maintain academic policies, govern graduate programs, establish graduate admissions policies, monitor the academic progress of graduate students, respond to academic grievances, and manage graduate admissions technology.



Leadership is provided through the initiation of dialogue regarding issues and trends in higher education; the development of innovative and timely graduate programs; support for improvement of existing viable programs; the endorsement of policies and practices contributing to high quality education endeavors; and proactive advocacy for graduate students and faculty.  Service is provided through recruitment and enrollment of well qualified students; professional, accurate, and timely response to requests and concerns; the maintenance of processes and procedures that are efficient and consistent with academic policies; and responsible use of resources.  The OGS is committed to building collegial and mutually supportive relationships with all constituencies to create learning environments that contribute to outstanding achievement in learning, discovery, scholarship and service.