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Learn about students impacted by the gifts you made to the Student Emergency Fund and Roadrunner Food Pantry.

Student support in COVID times

By Lynne Winter '17

In the best of times, students expect to face financial struggles while attending college. COVID_19 is something else entirely. MSU Denver students are drowning in a deluge of obstacles they must overcome in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow.

When members of our Roadrunner family find themselves unemployed, homeless and food insecure, you are there to provide them with the support they need to stay on their path and make it to graduation. The following stories represent a fraction of the students impacted by your gifts to the Student Emergency Fund and Roadrunner Food Pantry.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, a single mother of four lost the three restaurant jobs she depended on to make ends meet. Struggling to pay rent while also under pressure to study for finals and manage her children's virtual education, she reached out to the Student Emergency Fund for assistance. With the funds she received, she paid rent, avoided getting behind on bills and completed the spring 2020 semester with straight A's.

"Not only did the Roadrunner Food Pantry gift card program allow my family to buy food, but it also helped me connect with the Student Care Center and other food resources available during remote learning." – David E., spring '21

A senior art major applied to the Student Emergency Fund when she was unable to pay rent after her fiancé experienced a pandemic-related layoff without the option of unemployment. Upon learning she was approved for support, the full-time student and full-time parent said, "I am unable to adequately express my gratitude for this incredible generosity. You are saving our lives!"

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, an immune-compromised student was living in their car after their landlord terminated their lease. Even working two jobs, they were barely making ends meet. Working with the Student Care center, they found a room to rent, a new job so they could afford rent and basic needs, and the Student Emergency Fund provided assistance with putting down a deposit and paying the first month's rent – getting them safely back on their feet.

Right now, MSU Denver students are facing life-changing challenges that could derail their plans of earning a degree. Each gift to the Student Emergency Fund or Roadrunner Food Pantry ensures Roadrunners have the critical support they need to continue pursuing their dreams. Thank you for your generosity!

For more information about supporting the Student Emergency Fund and the Roadrunner Food Pantry, contact Bre Milnes, director of annual giving. To learn more about the Student Emergency Fund and Roadrunner Food Pantry, contact the MSU Denver CARE Team

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