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Roadrunners Rise 2020: A Year in Review

By Lynne Winter ‘17

During 2020, one thing stood out above all others: Roadrunners care for Roadrunners. It’s what we do. Whether we’re mentoring students, providing critical financial support, standing up against injustice in our local communities or working on the front lines as an essential worker, Roadrunner generosity knows no bounds.

As we look back on 2020 and forward to 2021, we are confident our Roadrunner community will continue to overcome any challenge that comes our way because we’ll be working together.

Time and again, Roadrunners Rise.

Roadrunners caring for Roadrunners in 2020

Thank you for embodying the Roadrunner spirit throughout 2020. With your support, Roadrunners can continue to reimagine a future where anything is possible.

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