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At MSU Denver, the value of your gift always exceeds your investment. With every gift - no matter the size - you are impacting the future of Colorado through the Roadrunners of today and tomorrow. When you give through the MSU Denver Foundation, your generosity transforms our students' lives.

The MSU Denver Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit direct-support corporation with a mission to promote the development and general welfare of the University. The Foundation receives, invests and administers private support to the University by stewarding your contributions according to your intentions.

When you reach your philanthropic goals, you are making it possible for our students to pursue the American Dream of earning a college degree at MSU Denver.

Thank You for Making It Possible for Roadrunners to Succeed!

Listen as Mariah - one of the newest members of the Roadrunner alumni family - shares how donors made it possible for her to reimagine a future where anything is possible.

Because of Your Support, Roadrunners Can Cross the Finishline

Listen to MSU Denver student Brigitte Hipps talk about her Roadrunner journey and learn how donors have helped her traverse her zig-zaggy path to graduation.

Paving a path

By Lynne Winter ’17

With a charitable gift annuity, MSU Denver Board of Trustees Vice Chair Russell Noles ensures Roadrunners can reimagine a future where anything is possible.

2021 MSU Denver Day of Giving Summary

During the fifth annual MSU Denver Day of Giving on March 18, our Roadrunner family once again went above and beyond to help us serve up a recipe for student success!

Crossing the finish line

By Lynne Winter '17

Imagine being within a few credit hours of earning your degree, only for an unanticipated financial hurdle to block your path, requiring you to put your dream of graduating temporarily, or worse, permanently on hold. MSU Denver alumnus Travis Luther, ’08, founder and CEO of Queen Anne Pillow Company, is determined to do what he can to ensure fellow Roadrunners get back in the race and cross the finish line.

Roadrunners Rise 2020: A Year in Review

By Lynne Winter ‘17

During 2020, one thing stood out above all others: Roadrunners care for Roadrunners. It’s what we do. Whether we’re mentoring students, providing critical financial support, standing up against injustice in our local communities or working on the front lines as an essential worker, Roadrunner generosity knows no bounds. Take a look back at the last year to learn about some of the ways Roadrunners cared for Roadrunners in 2020.

Northstar Investment Advisors celebrates anniversary with a gift to Roadrunners

By Lynne Winter '17

Like many organizations, Northstar Investment Advisors had its plans for 2020 thwarted by COVID-19. “At the beginning of the year, we were planning a 25th-anniversary party for the spring. Then, the pandemic struck,” said Fred Taylor, president and co-founder of the fiduciary investment-advisory firm and Metropolitan State University of Denver partner. “Given the impact of COVID-19, it was no longer possible to get together, but we still wanted to celebrate.” Read more.
Student welfare

Student Support in COVID Times

By Lynne Winter '17

In the best of times, students expect to face financial struggles while attending college. COVID_19 is something else entirely. MSU Denver students are drowning in a deluge of obstacles they must overcome in pursuit of a brighter tomorrow. Read more.

Charles Schwab’s College to Careers Program paves the way for Roadrunner success.

By Lynne Winter '17

Graduation is an exciting time for Metropolitan State University of Denver students. The culmination of years of education is finally about to be parlayed into personal and professional success. But the transition from college to career can be scary, causing some students to question whether they are genuinely prepared to leap into the “real world.” Read more.

Donations are helping Roadrunners maintain housing and persist in their studies

By Erica Quintana-Garcia

Even before COVID-19 rocked the Colorado economy and the lives of many Metropolitan State University of Denver students, the Student Emergency Retention Fund was a vital resource for Roadrunners in need. Read more.

The Denver-based wireless company is providing free devices and services to Roadrunners through Apri

By Lindsey Colture

Denver-based wireless company Visible, a subsidiary of Verizon, recently donated 250 ZTE Android tablets and free internet service to Metropolitan State University of Denver for distribution to students in need. The donation will ensure that, no matter their economic status, Roadrunners can successfully stay connected to the University and on track to achieve their academic goals. Read more.

A homerun for Roadrunners

By Corey Phare

Officially entering its third year on Friday, July 24, MSU Denver's partnership with the Colorado Rockies has raised more than $395,000 over the past two seasons - directly benefiting over 120 departments, programs and majors. This season's raffle will take place online throughout the shortened MLB season and will continue raising funds to support students at MSU Denver. Read more.

Advancement team celebrates fundraising success

By Lindsey Colture

After exceeding it's 2019-20 goal, the MSU Denver University Advancement team has refocused its efforts to help students and programs persist through the COVID-19 pandemic. The team continues to support the University’s strategic goals and establish more connections across campus, building a culture of giving and helping campus partners understand the University’s broader community impact. Read more.
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