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The success of MSU Denver depends on the participation of many. As faculty and staff members, our support of students and University initiatives is paramount. Not only do our gifts provide funding for our programs and scholarships, they also endorse our commitment to transforming lives — they say we choose MSU Denver and that we believe in our mission and in its execution.

You have a unique perspective about the areas that require support and are the most important advocates for why MSU Denver deserves investment. Making your gift to any designation on campus you want is possible, and you have the benefit of using payroll deduction to seamlessly contribute each month.

Make a One Time Gift

Learn about giving options and/or make a one-time gift today and designate your dollars to the program, department, activity and/or scholarship of your choice! Want to explore where to make your impact? Click HERE to see how your passions align with MSU Denver's opportunities.

Share Your Story

Please take a minute to tell us what inspires you to help transform student lives with your treasure. Your gift makes an impact and is part of larger narrative that we want to share with others to inspire future support. 

Marathon Society

When you give via payroll deduction, you are committing to MSU Denver for the long run, and will be recognized as a member of the Marathon Society. Make your gift in support of any number of worthwhile areas. Simply complete the online form above to deepen your commitment to our students, programs and mission. 

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