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The M Club

Roadrunner Athletics Official Letter Winners Club

The mission of the MSU Denver M Club is to connect the family of former Roadrunners student-athletes, student athletic trainers and student managers with each other and to the University, while enhancing their relationship with the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.

We seek to uphold the legacy and tradition of excellence of Roadrunners Athletics through an engaged alumni community while building a culture of philanthropy and participation. Join the M Club to stay connected with your fellow Roadrunners and to support current student-athletes.

"I want to thank you for your commitment to Roadrunners athletics during your time as a student-athlete. Our focus is to provide a high-quality student-athlete experience that starts with you. I invite you to join the "M" Club and to continue the legacy of MSU Denver Athletics."

-Dr. G. Anthony Grant
MSU Denver Director of Athletics

All membership dues directly support student-athlete scholarships.

Victoria Alcala Women's Cross Country/Track & Field 2016
McKinzie Anderson Women's Soccer 2016
Bryan Archer Men's Baseball 1995
Nicholas Baker Men's Tennis 2016
John Bakovich Men's Baseball 1993
Erik Boss Men's Cross Country/Track & Field 2016
Kyle Bowman Baseball 2008
Callista Broome Women's Basketball and Softball 1979
Taylor Campbell Women's Soccer 2016
Molly Clark Women's Softball 2011
Evan Claus Men's Baseball 2012
Donald Davison Men's Basketball 1996
Julia Dorsey Volleyball 2016
Brandi Farley Women's Soccer 2016
Kaylynn Harmon Softball 2016
Breanna Hemming Women's Track & Field 2016
Jourdon Hunter Men's Basketball 2016
Nicholas Kadlec Men's Cross Country/Track & Field 2016
Brock Labertew Men's Soccer 2016
Krischan Lalk Baseball 2016
Danielle Look Women's Golf 2016
Daniel Miller Baseball 2016
Patricia Mundell Women's Softball & Basketball 1985
Carly Nelson Women's Soccer 2016
Makir Oropeza Men's Soccer 2016
Susanna Oury Softball 2016
Andrew Paust Baseball 2016
DeShawn Phenix Men's Basketball 2016
John Qualls Men's Tennis 2016
Evonna Ramirez Women's Cross Country/Track & Field 2016
Eric Rayer Men's Basketball 2016
Michael Renes Men's Cross Country/Track & Field 1978
Jazmine Roland Women's Golf 2016
Jessy Roy Fox Women's Volleyball 2004
Walter Starr Baseball 1972
Amanda Taney Softball 2016
Kenneth Thiesen Men's Tennis 1979
Michael Thill Baseball 2016
Britney Thomas Softball 2016
Mary Towner Softball 2016
Betty Van Lith Volleyball 2016
Michael Warburton Men's Cross Country/Track & Field 2016
Amy Watanabe Women's Volleyball 2011
David Woods Men's Tennis 1994
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