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American Association of University Women

A‌bout AAUW

The purpose of the American Association of University Women at MSU Denver is to empower women at the collegiate level and after graduation through mentorship and networking opportunities, leadership training and professional development support.

Become a Member

All MSU Denver students are eligible for a free membership to AAUW while they are in school!

Getting Involved

AAUW's Student Advisory Council applications are currently closed. If you're interested in applying in the future, check out their application page by clicking here.

How about a Campus Action Project Grant? CAP grants give students the opportunity to take action in their communities to target the barriers faced by women and girls. Find out more here.

Scholarships and Grants

AAUW has opportunities for fellowships and grants ranging from those going to women pursuing their first degree, to others providing help with continuing education. Not a US citizen? AAUW has opportunities for funding for international students pursuing degrees in the United States as well. Learn more here!

AAUW has branches and scholarships local to Colorado as well.

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