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GITA Zines

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The Zine is a radical tool and mode of information-sharing within resistance movements, allowing networking and community building through creativity and anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal media. These GITA Zines created by our talented Student Staff are chock full of insights, information, and entertainment!

Our Zines


Self-Care Zine

By: Lena Grout

Scan of the first page of the self-care zine by Lena Grout featuring the GITA logo

Stressed out? Finals coming up? Too much to do with too little time? Don't get burnt out! This self-care zine will teach you favorite tips and tricks from the GITA Team on how to check-in with and care for yourself!


Download Links:

Self Care Zine (Fall 2019) (Original, Non-Accessible)

Self Care Zine for Screen Readers (Fall 2019) (Accessible)

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