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Introducing: The GWS Conference and Research Grant

Feel like it's time to go to that conference, but you don't have the money? Always wanted to do some amazing research, but can't find the funding? Coming this semester, GITA is rolling out a new grant! The GWS Conference and Research Grant offers a source of funding to cover travel expenses for conferences and academic research opportunities that center around GITA's values and mission. 

Purpose: The purpose of the GITA Conference and Research Grant is to support the professional development of MSU Denver undergraduate students by providing funds to attend conferences or conduct academic research. Grant funds may be used for things such as, but not limited to, the following: travel, research supplies, conference registration fees, hotel accommodations, and training opportunities. Grant funds do NOT cover meals or alcoholic beverages.

Eligibility and Process: 
    • Applicants must have a designated Faculty/Staff mentor.
    • If you are eligible, you must go through Student Travel first.
    • Check in with your academic department if there are resources available to you.
    • Applications are due 30 days prior to travel, conference, or project related deadlines.**
    • Applications must be centered on GITA's program, mission and values which are inclusive of social justice oriented coursework, research, and/or student organizing related to the topics of feminism, LGBTQ+, diversity and inclusion, disability justice, etc.
    • If awarded you will be required to meet with your Faculty/Staff mentor to submit your Travel Authorization paperwork.
    • If awarded you will be required to submit a post grant summary/report.


 **If you are applying sooner than 30 days prior, please make an appointment with Director Kat Martinez at or Associate Director Netty Rodriguez at

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