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Gender Studies Minor

The Gender Studies minor offers courses on gender and women's studies. This minor prepares students to examine historical and contemporary social justice issues using gender as a category of analysis, while embracing an intersectional, transnational, and feminist perspective. It is important for students who hope to work with issues relating to gender, and particularly women.

Gender Studies Minor Requirements

Students must complete each course in the minor with a minimum grade of C-. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required.

Part I: Core Required Courses (15 credits)
  • GWS 1001 - Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies
  • GWS 2100 - Women of Color
  • GWS 2200 - Feminist and Queer Research Methods
  • GWS 3510 - Feminist Theories and Practices (aka Feminist Theories and Practices I)
  • GWS 4750 - Feminist Research and Activism (aka Feminist Theories and Practices II)

Part II: Additional Courses (9 credits) 

A minimum of 9 additional credit hours in Gender, Women, and Sexualities courses is required.

 Credit Hours Summary
Required Courses 15 credit hours
Electives 9 credit hours
Minor Credit Requirements Total                            24 credit hours


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