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Women Studies, B.A.


Students must complete each course in the major with a minimum grade of C- and must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 in all courses taken for the major. Students should note that programs differ in the minimum grade required.

There are 3 main components of earning your degree in Women's Studies: Your core required courses, your area requirements, and your focus area.

Part I: Core Required Courses
  • WMS 1001 - Introduction to Women’s Studies
  • WMS 1600 - Women in World History
  • WMS 2100 - Women of Color
  • WMS 3510 - Feminist Theories and Practices I
  • WMS 4750 - Feminist Theory and Practices II: Senior Seminar

Note: WMS 3510 and WMS 4750 must be taken in sequence.

Part II: Area Requirements

At least one course must be completed from each of the following three areas:

Course Options:

  • WMS 3130 - Readings in Women’s Studies
  • WMS 3180 - Feminist Philosophy
  • WMS 3280 - Queer Theory
  • WMS 3350 - Gender and Society
  • WMS 3651 - U.S. Women's History
  • WMS 3655 - Women of the American West
  • WMS 3930 - Theories of Love and Sex
  • WMS 3960 - Feminist Art Since 1960

Course Options:

  • WMS 1200 - Multicultural Study of Sexualities and Genders
  • WMS 3170 - Social Justice: Self and Citizenship: A Service Learning Course
  • WMS 3220 - Prejudice and Discrimination in Contemporary Society
  • WMS 3240 - American Indian Women
  • WMS 3250 - Black Women Writers
  • WMS 3360 - Women in European History
  • WMS 3540 - Women in the Developing World
  • WMS 3550 - Chicana Feminisms
  • WMS 3660 - Women and Poverty
  • WMS 4830 - Workforce Diversity

Course Options:

  • WMS 3170 - Social Justice: Self and Citizenship: A Service Learning Course
  • WMS 4920 - Women's Studies Internship
  • WMS 4970 - Undergraduate TA Training

Part III: Focus Area

Women’s Studies majors also develop a focus area consisting of an integrated cluster of at least 15 credit hours in Women’s Studies (five 3-credit courses). 

In consultation with their Women’s Studies advisor, majors write a rationale that discusses:

  1. Educational and personal history that has lead to this degree plan;
  2. Personal career and/or educational goals;
  3. How the cluster of courses for the focus area contribute to achieving those goals.

This rationale is an important advising tool that provides direction and focus to the student’s curriculum.

Multicultural Courses

The courses listed below fulfill the multicultural requirement for MSU Denver graduation:

  • WMS 1200 - Multicultural Study of Sexualities and Genders
  • WMS 2100 - Women of Color
  • WMS 3170 - Social Justice, Self and Citizenship
  • WMS 4830 - Workforce Diversity

Additional Courses

In addition to these required classes, the student must take 25 credit hours of electives, 12 hours of which should be upper division. It is also strongly recommended that the student complete an internship in a corporate, private non-profit or government agency that serves women.

Credit Hours Summary
Core Required Courses 15 credit hours
Area Requirements 9 credit hours
Focus Area Electives 15 credit hours
Major Credit Requirements Total                            39 credit hours

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