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Vision, Mission, Values & Goals


The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy's vision is of a queer feminist future in which people and communities are liberated from capitalism, colonialism, white supremacy and heteropatriarchy.  We envision a world in which liberated communities live with dignity and without fear.  This future involves an intersectional and transnational grassroots movement led by women of color, LGBTQIA+ and working-class people, and other marginalized groups.  "Vulnerability" for us is all about the lack of power, privilege, and resources (i.e., access to safe spaces) based on one's intersectional identities.


The Mission of the Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy is to provide space to students most impacted by the intersecting oppressions present in our culture and students' everyday lives today. As such, we work together through academics (as a department) and programming (as student services) to build community and empowerment for our LGBTQIA+ and non-binary students of color and/or students of lower SES, while educating those with privilege to help make these spaces feel safe, equitable, and inclusive.


The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy's Values are: 

  1. Intersectional feminism--We commit to equity for all genders and to understanding the overlap between gender discrimination and other forms of oppression based on ethnicity, economic status, sexual identity, ability, nationality, and other identities. We value the richness of diverse identities and the strength multiple perspectives bring to the learning process.
  2. Activism--We advocate for social justice on campus and in our communities at large. We strive to be thoughtful and effective collaborators by providing intersectional feminist education and supporting active student-led organizations. 
  3. Access--We strive to overcome systemic barriers to education and to make opportunities within reach for all students, especially LGBTQIA+, low-income, first-generation, immigrant, and students with disabilities who need extra support.
  4. Community--We help students to reach their full potential, to take an active role in their own lives, and to contribute to the community at large. We value collaboration across the campus and disciplines, and among faculty, staff, students, and community members. 
  5. Learning--We value research, scholarship, and interdisciplinary inquiry that contributes to the evolution of new knowledge and theory within the field of Gender, Women, and Sexualities Studies. We value an anti-oppression analysis in our teaching and scholarship. We value a transnational approach to teaching and learning that encourages individuals and groups to become informed worldmakers.


The Gender Institute for Teaching and Advocacy's goals are to create space for oppressed groups to build community, organize for liberation, and engage in self-care.  Further, our goals are to teach critical analysis, communication, and organizing skills so that students feel empowered to work against the systems of oppression in their lives and communities.


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