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General Studies Courses

The following are links to lists of General Studies courses and Multicultural Courses


Course Lists

General Studies Classes 2020_21 in pdf format.

General Studies Courses in the Catalog with course descriptions and prerequisites  

Multicultural Classes 2020_21 in pdf format.

Multicultural Courses in the Catalog with course descriptions and prerequisites

A Note on Social and Behavioral Science

In the 2020-21 catalog Social and Behavioral Science has been combined into one big 6-credit category rather than the former separated I and II 3-credit categories.  

If your catalog year is older than 2020-21, and Social and Behavioral Science I and II exist as separate categories in your Degree Progress Report, you are now welcome to take any course from the combined Social and Behavioral Science list here and they will fill in those check boxes for you, regardless of which category the course used to reside.  If you still would like to see old General Studies lists for any reason, you can find a record of them at this advising link.

A Note on the CAS to COMM Change

CAS has become COMM and has updated several of their General Studies courses.  Please note the following changes:

Course equivalencies and list of COMM General Studies courses

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