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A New Approach to General Studies Program Assessment

The General Studies Renovation Task Force has created a new approach to General Studies at MSU Denver, which includes General Studies Program assessment.  

All general studies courses will be assessed on a regular cycle starting up again in spring 2020.  After our last round of assessment, we learned that some of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) could use some updating and the assessment process could use some tweaking to add meaning.  The General Studies Renovation Task Force has, with the help of faculty, agreed on new SLOs.  By the time we'll ask faculty to assess their courses, faculty will have been introduced to a new electronic assessment system called an EPortfolio that can work through Blackboard or on its own for collecting assessment data.  Faculty will assess their own students' work rather than exchanging artifacts like we did in the past.  We'll offer training in the fall around this new program and assessment process.  

The ultimate goal is to make the General Studies Program assessment easy, yet meaningful for faculty, and to enhance student learning in all General Studies courses across campus.  Some of our new SLOs are aspirational and are going to take some brainstorming and effort to achieve.  We look forward to working together as a community to take our courses to the next level.  

The rubrics below should help you navigate how to assess your courses. 


Although the SLOs cannot easily be changed, the rubrics can be edited up until they are widely used.  If you have rubric suggestions or want to pilot these rubrics in your courses in summer 2019 or fall 2019, please do.  Pass along any feedback to Keah Schuenemann:

Develop Foundational Skills:

Written Communication Rubric

Oral Communication Rubric

Quantitative Literacy Rubric

Discover Ideas:

Arts and Humanities Rubric

Historical Rubric

Natural and Physical Science Rubric

Social and Behavioral Science Rubric

Expand Your Views:

Global Diversity Rubric

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