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Goals and Outcomes Matrix DRAFT


Metropolitan State University of Denver
General Studies Task Force
DRAFT General Studies goals - Fall 2009

The purpose of this chart is to illustrate how the DRAFT General Studies goals align with, and add to, the current General Studies goal statements, with the goals statements receiving endorsement as essential from at least 50% of Fall 2008 faculty survey respondents, and with the state gtPathways program.  The Task Force fully acknowledges that these categorizations are not mutually exclusive and there is overlap in how the current goals and survey results align with the DRAFT goals.  For demonstration purposes in this document, each item has been aligned with only one goal.

DRAFT General Studies goal

links to current General Studies goals

links to Fall 2008 faculty survey results

links to gtPathways Curriculum

Develop intellectual and practical skills

*write with clarity
*read and listen critically
*speak with clarity
*organize ideas
*recognize faulty reasoning
*draw conclusions from quantitative data

*write with clarity
*critical thinking skills
*read and listen critically
*organize ideas
*problem solving skills
*speak with clarity
*recognize faulty reasoning
*inquiry and analysis skills
*quantitative literacy skills
*information literacy skills


Explore essential knowledge, perspectives, and methods in Arts and Humanities, History, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Natural and Physical Sciences

*have an informed awareness of the principal human achievements in history, arts and letters, society and science
*be introduced to the basic methods, knowledge, problems, or attitudes characteristic of a field

*be introduced to the basic methods, knowledge, problems, or attitudes characteristic of a field

*Arts & Humanities
*Social and Behavioral Sciences
*Natural and Physical Sciences

Understand the relatedness of diverse individuals,  communities, and societies


*ethical reasoning


Integrate knowledge and skills


*foundation and skills for lifelong learning




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