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Dec 22, 2009

Draft- Social and Behavioral Science Learning Outcomes

            1) Describe the forms and impacts of geographical, social, economic and political conditions using analytical tools appropriate to the field.

            2) Describe human behavior using analytical tools appropriate to the field.


Draft – Arts and Letters Learning Outcomes

1. Identify one or more canonical examples of the field(s) including the cultural context.

2. Analyse texts(s), artifact(s), or problem(s) using a point of view informed by the critical perspectives appropriate to the discipline.

l Cindy C. will rewrite and send them to Joan to be forwarded to the Taskforce.


Natural and Physical Science SLO’s Draft 1
1. Describe the foundational knowledge and impacts of one or more fields within the natural or physical sciences using analytical tools appropriate to the field.

2. Use knowledge and observations to formulate hypotheses, identify relevant variables and design experiments to test hypotheses.  Develop concepts of accuracy, precision, and the role of repeatability in the acquisition of scientific data to distinguish science from pseudoscience.

3. Use graphical, symbolic and numerical/statistical methods to analyze, organize and interpret experiments.


History SLO’s

  • Demonstrate knowledge of one or more of the following areas:  U.S. History, World History, Western Civilization, Regional History, State and Local History, History of a Culture, People or Group.
  • Illustrate the historical continuum either graphically or in narrative form through, for example, the use of time lines.
  • Differentiate between historical facts and historical interpretations, and explain that historical interpretations may vary.

l Course selection criteria - must cover more (or at least) a century.

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