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GS Learning Outcomes Draft 1

Metropolitan State University of Denver
General Studies Task Force


Goal 1:  Develop intellectual and practical skills (with accompanying Student Learning Outcomes)

Students will

  • Recognize when information is needed, demonstrate the ability to locate sources, and evaluate the authenticity, validity, and reliability of resources applied to a specific purpose
  • Create persuasive and well-reasoned arguments that are appropriate to topic and purpose 
  • Communicate in speech and writing, with an awareness of audience, by using language conventions appropriate to the occasion and task
  • Analyze texts, sources, and argumentation and recognize fallacies of argument
  • Use and document sources and evidence in an ethical manner
  • Apply mathematical techniques, including statistics and probability, to the analysis of complex quantitative problems
  • Communicate the mathematical process and results in text, graphics, and symbols
  • Describe the elements of the scientific method
  • Demonstrate effective use of technologies appropriate to the task and discipline


Goal 2: Explore essential knowledge, perspectives, and methods in Arts and Humanities, History, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Natural and Physical Sciences

Goal 3: Understand the relatedness of diverse individuals, communities, and societies

Goal 4: Integrate knowledge and skills


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