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Meeting Notes

October 16, 2009


General Studies Taskforce
October 16, 2009
10:30-12:00 WC133


1.  Notes from last meeting were reviewed, no changes or corrections

2.  Reviewed last week’s material and revised the second goal

3.  Discussion points:
                - what does someone need to take out of here as a citizen of the world
                - don’t develop program around exceptions
                - don’t let current course offerings guide the goals and outcomes
                - what do you want your students to get from college
4.  Small groups formed to formulate outcomes

Develop Intellectual and Practical Skills

Acquire essential knowledge of principal human achievements of the physical and natural world and perspectives in:  Arts and Humanities, History, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Natural and Physical Sciences

Understand the interdependence of diverse individuals and communities (or societies)

Integrate knowledge and skills

- Cindy Carlson
- Lunden MacDonald




- Katia Campbell
- LynnKaersvang




Critical Thinking/Reasoning
- Bob Hancock
-Sandra Haynes
-Steve Leonard




- Trey Flecher
- Cindy Lindquist
- Tim Mayes




- Chris Jennings
- Ken Phillips




On Friday, 10/23, the small groups will meet from 10:30 and gather at 11:30 in WC 133 to discuss the results.



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