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General Studies Renovation Taskforce

Task Force Charge

(August 2018)

The task force is charged with revisiting and re-imagining the currently articulated student learning outcomes (SLOs) so that they align more closely and effectively with what faculty believe students should learn in the General Studies courses taught and with the approved University Learning Outcomes. The GRT will lead the faculty in facilitated conversations to

  • Identify meaningful and measurable SLOs appropriate to the current GS categories and aligned with the purpose of GS courses;
  • Develop appropriate rubrics to assess the extent to which students have learned/gained competencies in these SLOs;
  • Pilot SLOs and their assessment, then tweak as needed and implement across campus;
  • Develop a communication plan and collaborate with appropriate campus units to ensure everyone on campus knows what is going on and can engage in this important conversation.



The renovation task force is updating a website with the most up to date information here:


Task Force Membership

Keah Schuenemann (Earth and Atmospheric Science)

Chris Harder (Math)

Vincent Piturro (English)

Meg Frisbee (History)

Ikaika Gleisberg (Department of Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies)

Adriana Nieto (Chicana/o Studies)

Liz Goodnick (Philosophy)

Jean-Francois Duclos (Modern Language)

Chad Harris (AVP of Curriculum and Academic Effectiveness)

Kim Barron (Director of Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment)

Beverly Andes (School of Education, Data and Assessment Specialist)

Connie Sanders (Associate registrar of graduation and transfer)

Lacey Hyde (Student Trustee)

Justin Darnall (Student Government Assembly)

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