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Fall 2009


General Studies Committee
Wednesday, September 16, 2009.


Present: Lunden MacDonald, Rodolfo Garcia, Alexandre Padilla, Doug Petcoff, Mark Segall,

Regrets:  Dorothy Snokek, Andy Muldoon


General Studies Task Force Update

Lunden MacDonald opened the meeting by communicating to the Faculty Senate General Studies Committee (FSGSC) members an update on the General Studies Task Force.
A detailed discussion of the General Studies Task Force charge was provided and a timeline of the completion of the charge was offered.
Among the important information provided was that the General Studies Task Force does not operate into a vacuum and it will rely heavily on past committees' work on the General Studies program when redefining the GS learning outcomes and developing a plan to implement changes to the GS program. In addition, the Task Force made clear the importance of clear communication between all stakeholders at Metro State (Faculty, Chairs, Deans, Administrators, etc.)
Lunden MacDonald, being a member of the Task Force as well as a member of the Faculty Senate General Studies Committee, will serve as a liaison between the two.

Proposed Tasks for F.S. General Studies Committee

The committee discussed the main functions of this academic year FSGSC: (1) Liaison between General Studies Task Force and the Metro State stakeholders; (2) Maintaining and developing the General Studies website, (3) Developing a standardized system for future course evaluation.

FS General Studies Committee

Lunden MacDonald discussed the new charge of the Faculty Senate General Studies Committee, mentioning the importance of this new revision of the General Studies program initiated by the GS Task Force. She and members agree that we should be the voice and ears of the GS task force. We should communicate to all Metro State stakeholders the progress of the task force but at the same time communicate to the Task Force the concerns, comments, and suggestions that Metro State stakeholders will communicate to us.  The importance of having wide open communication between faculty, administrators, GS Task Force, and FSGS Committee was stressed.

General Studies Website

Alexandre Padilla is working with the GS Task Force and Michael Erskine on changing the General Studies website. A handout of the new website outline will be provided at the next meeting. The new website will reflect the current ongoing work the GS Task Force (referenced via meeting notes or minutes) but will also showcase the past work of previous General Studies Committees.  The website will also serve as a means of communication for Metro stakeholders by including a comments section where people can post their remarks.



Rodolfo Garcia mentioned the importance of assessment and discussed the idea of sending a committee member to the Assessment Conference in Minneapolis in October. He volunteered. Doug Petcoff also mentioned the importance of assessment in the General Studies process??.
However, Alex Padilla added that while assessment is indeed important in light of Sheila Thompson’s push to develop a consistent assessment process for programs, the business core, and the General Studies Program, we should not get ahead of ourselves. The development of assessment, which encompasses the development of learning outcomes, general learning goals, and rubrics, can not? be developed until program learning outcomes have been developed.

Committee Membership

Faculty Senate General Studies Committee bylaws show that we are short on membership. We need one non-voting ex-oficio member from Academic Affairs (appointed by the Provost), one additional elected member from SPS, and a member nominated by the Faculty Senate Executive Committe. It appears that we are officially actually short of one senator as well.  (I don’t think so—we should double check before including in the minutes). Lunden MacDonald has sent inquiries. She also invited Lynn Kaersvang, President of the Faculty Senate, to join us on occasion at meetings of the FSGSC as a guest.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 PL 360 9.00-10.00a.m.



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