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General Studies Course Revision Guidelines

The following guide will outline what process you need to follow based on the type of curriculum change that you wish to make.

The following curriculum actions require the full university review process and should be made on the Curriculog form specific to General Studies. Additionally, all mapping should be completed* and attached to the curriculum proposal in Curriculog.

  • Creating a new General Studies Course
  • Requesting the General Studies Designation for an existing regular course
  • Converting and omnibus or individual variable topic course into a General Studies designated permanent course
  • Modifying the course description
  • Modifying the course content/course outline
  • Modifying the evaluation of student performance/assessment criteria
  • Modifying the Student Learning Objectives

The following changes do not require* General Studies mapping to be included in the curriculum proposal, but must move forward on the General Studies form:

  • Modifying the course title or transcript course title
  • Modifying the number of credits
  • Adding or removing of prerequisites, corequisites, and pre or corequisites
  • Adding or removing of Banner enforced prerequisites, corequisites, and pre or corequisites
  • Modifying the course prefix
  • Modifying the course number

If you wish to submit a curriculum proposal with a modification not listed above or if you have questions about the process, you can contact Dr. Vincent Piturro, Chair, Faculty Senate General Studies Curriculum Committee (FSGSCC): or 303-615-1308.

 * please note that the FSGSCC may request additional documentation and/or mapping for any proposal if needed.

Guidelines and Sample Maps 

Request for GS Designation (New Submission)

Revision of GS Designated Courses

Sample Maps:

Assessment Map

SLOs and Course Outline Map

SLOs to Course Specific SBLOs Map


Updated September 2018

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