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General Studies Assessment

After three years of General Studies assessment data collection and time to reflect, the process is being revised by the General Studies Renovation Task Force (GRT) in 2018-19.  Revised rubrics are anticipated to be drafted in spring 2019 with help of faculty in categories, and piloted in fall 2019.

Rubrics for Assessment of General Studies used from 2012-2016

Arts and Humanities Rubric

Global Diversity Rubric

Historical Rubric

Natural and Physical Sciences Rubric

Oral Communication Rubric

Quantitative Literacy Draft Rubric

Social and Behavioral Sciences I Rubric

Social and Behavioral Sciences II Rubric

Written Communication Rubric


Communication of Assessment for 2012 General Studies

General Studies Assessment Memo to Deans and Chairs

General Studies Procedures

General Studies Submission Form

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